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Renewal of certificate

Please contact us well in advance before your certificate expires.

The fee for renewal of the certificate SEK 400 per owner, plus SEK 400 per master.
Copy of the certificate by mail + 100 SEK.
Turnaround time 2-3 weeks.

Renewal of certificate
(SXK + numbers)
Part-owner/Captain (only if other than owner)
Due to the provisions of the GDPR, we ask you to approve how we store information long-term about you and your bout in our register for international certificates.

The certificates are valid for two years and can be renewed upon request. A renewal means that you do not have to submit all the paperwork again. A renewal can be made at a lower cost compared to a new application.

Due to the fact that many boatowners wants to renew their certificates after the two-year validity period has expired we must, according to the regulations, ask for your approval how the information should be stored after this period.

If you choose to be deleted from the register your application documents, and other copies you may have submitted, will be deleted.

NOTE When you choose to be deleted from the register, we will not be able to provide you with deregistration certificates. These may be needed if you sell your boat abroad, or to non-Swedish buyers.

As long as the certificate is valid, or stored according to below mentioned routines, all documents are saved.

Please note that the information above only applies to the international certificate register, and that it does not apply to your membership in the Swedish Cruising Association.