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Lasse Lundell
Senast inloggad: 2012-08-27 - 14:29
Seaclear ny uppdatering

Lasse L:

http://www.sping.com/seaclear/index.htm#download History: UPD: 2005.03.10 AIS Target BRG & RNG Added to Info window UPD: 2005.03.12 AIS Info window target marked with square on chart NEW: 2005.03.18 AIS Target CPA & TCPA Added to Info window NEW: 2005.03.19 AIS CPA display warning on chart UPD: 2005.04.04 AIS CPA Sound warning UPD: 2005.04.04 AIS Info IMO removed, Status added UPD: 2005.04.04 Sound warnings can be individually disabled